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Educator Role in Designing Meaningful Engagement through Virtual Means


Educators are responsible for establishing positive, productive learning environments in which students can learn, whether in or outside of a classroom. Additionally, educators are responsible for designing coherent instruction related to a specific content area, relying on District-approved curriculum and materials to build student knowledge for that content area, selecting appropriate resources to support the instructional design, and then implementing the instructional lesson plans.  Planning for in-person or virtual educational experience also takes into consideration different methods of student engagement, as well as the ways students will be expected to demonstrate their learning. When considering meaningful engagement in learning through virtual means, additional considerations to be made by educators include 1) the identification of the online tools that will best support their students' needs and the chosen instructional design, and 2) promising practices in online pedagogy. There are compiled tips and tools for educators intended to support the ways in which teachers and other instructional staff are thinking about planning for the meaningful engagement of students in the learning process through virtual means.

New COVID-19 Guidance for K-12 Schools - Part of the COVID-19 Guidance for K-12 Schools published from CA Dept. of Education on March 17, 2020

Resources: Using Technology for Distance Learning

Resources: Zoom Access for Schools

The following resources are curated by The San Diego County Office of Education Professional Learning and Tech Research Department

SDCOE Zoom Training Webinars

Zoom Training Videos

Resource Guides

Canvas Course


Tips for the Classroom

Student Data Privacy Resources for Districts

Resources: Free Online Learning Tools

Resources: Free Learning Management Systems

Resources: Free Video Conferencing Tools


Resources: Supporting English Learners

Instructional Continuity Learning Support -- Google Doc curated by The San Diego County Office of Education

Resources for English Learners- English Language Development and Literacy Support - curated by SDCOE MEGA department

Resources for Spanish Literacy and Language Development - curated by SDCOE MEGA department

Resources for Mandarin Literacy and Language Development - curated by SDCOE MEGA department

Recursos para el desarrollo de la alfabetización y el lenguaje en español - curated by SDCOE MEGA department

Microsoft resources in Spanish

Programs that support home-school communication and provide translation into many different languages

Resources: Supporting Students with Disabilities

Special Education Distance Learning Resources for Student with Moderate/Severe Needs - curated by San Diego COE SELPA

Distance Learning for Students with Specific Disabilities curated by SDCOE Professional Learning Dept

Questions and Answers on Providing Services to Children with Disabilities During the Coronavirus Disease Outbreak 2019- US Federal Dept of Education

Special Education Guidance for COVID-19 – CA Dept of Education

Lessons from the Field: Remote Learning Guidance – CA Dept of Education

Guidance on COVID-19 School Closures Webinar - CA Dept of Education March 18, 2020

PrAACtical Resources: Online AAC Support for Families During School Closures - Alternative and Augmentative Communication Resources curated by PrAACtical AAC

Kids stories in ASL – The Sign Language Channel

Unique Learning Systems packets covering pre-school through Adult Transition – curated by Santa Ana Unified School District Special Education/SELPA

Resources: Supporting Social Emotional Learning





Resources: Online Resources for Students and Families



Resources: Distance Learning Best Practices


Resources: Equity in Distance Learning


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