Zoom Access for Schools

Zoom is temporarily lifting the 40-minute time limit on free Basic accounts for schools affected by the Coronavirus. Here’s how to get access for you and your school.

Step 1

Sign up for a free Basic account here using your school’s email address.

Step 2

Fill out and submit Zoom's form for your school to remove the 40 minute time limit for anyone on your school’s domain after verification. Personal email addresses such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook are not eligible.


Zoom: Quick Start

Join a Meeting

Scheduling a Meeting

Meeting Controls


Zoom: Resources

The following resources are curated by The San Diego County Office of Education Professional Learning and Tech Research Department

SDCOE Zoom Training Webinars

Zoom Training Videos

Resource Guides

Canvas Course


Tips for the Classroom

Student Data Privacy Resources for Districts

Zoom Support Available

We've established an SDCOE Zoom Support Team to help with all of your questions about zoom training, troubleshooting, and general questions.

Learn More


Zoom Online Course

The SDCOE Profesional Learning and Technology Research team has put together an online Canvas course to help get you familiar with the Zoom platform.

View Course


Zoombombing and Class Management Resources

Reports about “Zoombombing” have grown in recent days where Zoom classes and meetings have been disrupted by participants who take control of the screen and share inappropriate or irrelevant content. To help protect from this, SDCOE has curated Zoombombing Resources. This guide instructs Zoom hosts how to remove a participant from the class and change settings to require participants to ask permission to share their screen.


Zoom Additional Resources

SDCOE has curated content to help you get started using Zoom. Our resources include Basics and Advanced checklists, quick and helpful One Pages, a PowerPoint slideshow with an introduction to Zoom and how to use various features, Video Tutorials, and a Comprehensive Guide to using Zoom. 

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