School Reopening Dashboard

From October 2020 through June 14, 2021, a San Diego County public health order required all school districts, charter schools, and private schools serving grades TK–12 to report the following information for each school site and school district, if applicable, to the San Diego County Office of Education on or before the second and fourth Monday of each month

  • Number of students participating in full-time in-person learning, hybrid learning, and distance learning
  • Number of school employees who work onsite at a school
  • The name, email address, mailing address, and phone number of the person responsible for responding to complaints regarding COVID-19 prevention

The dashboard below contains aggregate data supplied on June 14, 2021 by school representatives throughout San Diego County. You can also view searchable dashboards showing information for traditional schools and districts, charter schools, and private schools. 

The reporting requirement for schools was suspended on June 15, 2021.



Applicable Terms

These counts include students in grades TK-12 inclusive. Students enrolled in preschool programs are not be included.

Full-time in-person learning
These students are scheduled to receive 100% of their instructional program from a teacher who is in the same physical location as the students. Virtual instruction and/or independent learning are not used in this learning format. School enrichment programs (ASES/ASSETS), childcare programs, individual assessments, and other special services that do not involve a teacher providing instruction to students in the same physical location as the teacher are not considered in-person learning.

Hybrid learning
Students in hybrid learning are scheduled to participate in a mix of in-person and distance learning in any proportion.

Distance learning
Students in this learning format do not regularly receive instruction from a teacher who is physically located in the same place as their students. Cohorts/schools that have been temporarily shifted to distance learning for quarantine are reported as part of distance learning totals until they return to in-person learning.

The number of school/district employees who are regularly scheduled to work in person on a school site for any portion of their assignment. This total represents individuals, not full-time equivalents, and does not include substitute employees unless they are covering a vacant position, employees of contracted providers, or volunteers.

Each employee is counted only once, at the site where they work the most hours.

Onsite at a school
This includes employees who are scheduled to be physically present/work on a school campus for any portion of their assignment, regardless of if students are physically present at the school. Employees who work at non-school facilities such as district offices, professional development centers, or maintenance facilities, are not included.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean if there’s no data listed for my school?

A "-" or blank space means the school or district did not report information to the San Diego County Office of Education.

How can I find the contact information for the person responsible for responding to complaints regarding COVID-19 prevention at my school or district?

Please click on the COVID-19 Contact Directory tab above.

How often is this data refreshed?

Through June 14, the dashboard was updated on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.

I can’t find my school on the dashboard. What should I do?

Each school is listed by its type: school district, charter school, or private school. If your school does not appear when you are filtering for a specific school type, double check whether or not it is a district school, charter school or private school.

Some charter schools work so closely with their authorizing school district that they may feel like they are a district school. If your school does not appear with school district, it may be a charter school.

Sometimes the name a school is commonly known by isn’t an exact match for the name registered with the California Department of Education. If the school name includes words that can be abbreviated, look for them spelled them out (Saint vs. St.), or using the abbreviation. Schools named for people (Lincoln) sometimes include the full name of the person (Abraham Lincoln).

If you are unable to find the school you’re looking for, please email for assistance.

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