At-Home COVID-19 Testing

Recently, the State of California began to distribute nearly 6 million at-home COVID-19 antigen (rapid) tests to California schools with the intent that they be distributed so students can test at home if they are exposed to COVID or have symptoms. The San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) recently distributed approximately 400,000 test kits to local school districts and charter schools, who will in turn provide to their families.

Using the At-Home Tests

Follow the instructions that came with your iHealth test to ensure an accurate reading. Instructions are available in English and Spanish.

  1. Tests should be used if or when your child experiences symptoms, is identified as a close contact to a positive case, or was exposed to someone with COVID-19 (group tracing model).
  2. If the test is positive, notify your school and follow their guidelines.
  3. If your child already has had a positive test, you may use one of the tests in the kit on or after Day 5 of isolation as evidence of a negative result before being allowed to return to school. In an effort to maintain in-person learning and address the lack of available testing appointments at local clinics, many schools are accepting the at-home tests as evidence of your child’s negative result. Please verify with your school.
  4. If your child is quarantining as a close contact, the tests can also be used as evidence of a negative result. Refer to the testing and quarantine guidelines for your school/district.
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