14-Day Case Rate

This unofficial metric is provided to support school leaders interested in using the CDC’s Indicators for Dynamic School Decision-Making. The dashboard displays:

  • The population estimate for each ZIP code
  • “Case count (14-day)” displays the number of cases reported during the 14-day period described in the table header
  • “Cases per 100k” displays the 14-day case rate per 100,000 for each ZIP code
  • “For ZIP Codes selected” displays the total population, 14-day case count, and case rate for all selected ZIP codes.

Use the optional ZIP Code Filter to select the ZIP codes you are interested in.

  • To view countywide results, Check “ZIP Code” in the drop down menu to select all ZIP codes.
  • To view the combined results for a selected set of ZIP codes, un-check “ZIP Code” in the drop down menu and select the ZIP codes you are interested in.


Additional Notes:

  • The 14-day case rate is derived from the total number of new cases reported during last 14 days, divided by the population, and multiplied by 100,000.
  • Rate calculations are based on the average daily change in case counts as reported by the County of San Diego for each ZIP code.
  • Population estimates for each ZIP code are from the San Diego Association of Governments through datasurfer.sandag.org.
  • Rates based on small case counts may vary considerably and should be interpreted with caution.
  • Cases are reported by the ZIP code of residence, which may not be location of exposure.
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