Case Rates by ZIP Code

The following unofficial case rates reported for each ZIP code reflect the average number of new cases reported each day during this seven-day period, per 100,000 people. While accurate, these unofficial case rates differ significantly from the official case rates published by the County of San Diego. 

The county’s case rates are based on episode date. The unofficial rates reported here are based on the date on which the case was reported.

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Additional Notes:

  • The formula was used to calculate these unofficial rates is based the information provided by the County of San Diego in their “how this rate is calculated” document.
  • Rate calculations are based on the average daily change in case counts as reported by the County of San Diego for each ZIP code.
  • Population estimates for each ZIP code are from the San Diego Association of Governments through
  • Rates based on small case counts may vary considerably and should be interpreted with caution.
  • Cases are reported by the ZIP code of residence, which may not be location of exposure.
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