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Workplace Safety

Cal/OSHA information is still in effect with the Emergency Temporary Standard. On Cal/OSHA's page, users will find a list of FAQs and other other helpful information regarding workplace guidance (last updated 6/21/2022).


Guidance for Cleaning Schools During COVID-19) 

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has created a COVID-19 website, which includes a list of disinfectants (from List N) approved to reduce the spread of COVID-19. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) frequently update its guidance on cleaning and also provides general guidance for schools for the prevention of infectious disease transmission. Please note that some procedures recommended by the CDC involve methods or products that do not meet the California Healthy Schools Act.

Included here is a flowchart (Page 2) from the Healthy Schools Act that can assist in determining which products to use. If the product is a disinfectant, it is exempt from the notification, posting, reporting and Integrated Pest Management requirements, but the training requirements are still in effect. 

Only properly trained staff should conduct the cleaning operations to be compliant with California state law. Under no circumstances should cleaning or disinfecting be assigned to students. 

Each product will differ in its requirements for personal protective equipment, but those requirements should be followed. For example, if the package of disinfecting wipes says that the user should wear gloves, provide disposable or reusable rubber gloves to all staff using the wipes. Hand sanitizers and antimicrobial soaps are also exempt from these regulations. This fact sheet may be useful in explaining the difference. 

Below is the flowchart, list of exempt active ingredients, and list of exempt inert (inactive) ingredients.

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General Information on COVID-19/Sanitizing


Child Care

Child Care 
The SDCOE team has created guiding documents for districts’ use in preparing to open and continuing to operate child care while CDPH and Community Care Licensing COVID-19 precautions for child care settings continue to be in place. The School Age and Early Learning Child Care Settings Administrative Planning Tool may be used to plan when opening a child care setting. The SDCOE Emergency Child Care Toolkit also includes the Early Learning and School Age Care Settings Implementation Checklist, with links to the most current guidance and resources  for child care settings (all age groups). 
View the SDCOE Emergency Child Care Toolkit.

Resources for School Counselors and School Social Workers

The following communication tools and resource guides have been created for districts and school sites to distribute and use:

Important websites for school social workers:

Important websites for school counselors:


The San Diego County School Counselor Network newsletter was sent out weekly from March to June 2020 to communicate with readers on updates related to the closure of schools because of COVID-19. Each newsletter had a focus on one current and relevant topic and included resources related to that focus. For archived newsletters, click here 

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