Pandemic Response Plan Template

This template is intended to assist district and school planning teams in developing a threat-specific annex for the threat posed by COVID-19. The template poses goals and objectives organized into three phases: before, during and after. A link to download the template and corresponding resources selected for many of the objectives are included on this page.

On March 16, SDCOE hosted a webinar to provide guidance on modifying this template. Please use this link to access the recorded webinar and Q/A.

Download Plan Template


Recovery Plan Assumptions and Recommendations


Recovery Workgroup

SDCOE has convened a workgroup of district, charter school, independent school, parent, and public health stakeholders to vet planning assumptions and recommendations. The group is also working to identify specific needs relating to planning efforts, so that SDCOE subject matter experts can create resources to address those needs. View a list of workgroup members.

April 21, 2020 Workgroup Meeting Materials


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